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We all love stories. That is one of the many things that make human beings unique, but there is nothing that can band us together, regardless of what is happening in the world, other than a good story. 


Well my story begins at the age of seven when I went on a hunt with Blackbeard's son in search of a secret island. Then, when I was ten, a few of my friends and I got stuck on a cruise ship that was taken out by a rogue wave. Oh, and I should also probably tell you about the time when I was seventeen and delve into the underworld of organized crime. You know what, though? I still have so many more tales to tell. 

My name is Adel Mansour. You can also call me A.K. Mansour, Author Adel, or of course, Adel the Author. I'm a nineteen-year-old author who has written two novels: WAR OF KINGS: INFILTRATION and JASON ATLAS & THE KING OF CRIME. Currently, I am writing my third novel, VIGIL, and plan on working on many, many more. So, why not join me? I promise you won't be disappointed. 

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World War II: 1942

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